Ladies and Gentlemen!

Make a small journey and visit a unique Spanish corner just in the center of Ukraine!

“Madrid Court Yard” Tavern is a restaurant of Spanish and Ancient Ukrainian Cuisine.

Once you are inside you will forget right away that you are in Ukraine.

Allow playing the fool of yourself and you will have no doubts – you are in Spain!

This is the most luxurious Spanish Restaurant in town! It took the owner an enormous amount of effort to build this “Madrid Court Yard”, but the result is stunning.

The interior is divided into different sections, ranging from relaxed sitting places to more comfortable dining tables. It’s fun looking around at all the art and tiny details that went into designing the wall and ceiling.

But it’s the authentic cuisine that you are here for big thumbs up!

In the evening musicians play Spanish music and juicy Brochette of Salmon and Shrimps or golden Dorado is being cooked in the open fire, the quests who have a fancy for Spanish music and cuisine raise delicate glasses of their favorite wine.

Your good mood is guaranteed!